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Why You Might Want to Move Your Hot Water System

There are several reasons why you may consider move hot water system to a new location:

  • Home improvement ventures - Should you be embarking on significant modifications to your dwelling, it may become necessary to reposition your electric hot water system to suit fresh designs and areas.
  • Efficiency improvements - Repositioning your heater to areas close to showers and basins in your house, akin to those served by solar hot water systems, can amplify savings by reducing heat loss along lengthy pipes.
  • Lack of space - If your existing hot water system is commandeering valuable space that could be better utilised, opting to relocate water heating equipment can help free up room.

Assessing your move decision, weigh the time, funds, and work entailed, encompassing the decoupling, transit, and restoration of the appliance, paired with the required gas, electric, and plumbing tasks, versus the relocation’s functional merits, balancing both time and money.

Seek specialised counsel by reaching out to our team of adept plumbing professionals to explore efficient strategies for relocating your hot water system during an in-depth site survey and estimation.

Evaluating if You Can Move Your Existing System

Deliberating 'Can I move hot water system?', one must contemplate various critical factors related to the relocation:

  • Age of the system - As the years pass, an old unit can become mismatched with contemporary piping substances or fail to comply with present installation standards.
  • Size of these types of heating systems - Ponder whether larger tanks are warranted, identify the fuel source (gas or electric), and the particular model, as these factors influence modifications needed for relocation.
  • Factoring in piping diameters, it’s vital to ensure that the cold water inlet and the hot water pressure remain at their peak post-move utilising correctly proportioned pipes.

Acquire knowledge from our professionals, masters in handling both gas and electric water heater intricacies, skilful in evaluating your fittings to suggest economic solutions for the spot your heater will enhance, illustrating the ways professionals can assist you. We are equipped to evaluate your current setup and infrastructure to discern if relocating your water heater is viable or whether a new hot water system installation is more advisable.

Optimise your expenses and feasibly save money your relocation strategy could involve using off peak times for moving the hot water system, which may simplify the process and enhance economic benefits. Trying to DIY these tasks jeopardises your safety and the integrity of the moving hot water setup, which can be efficiently managed by our specialists adept at moving your water heater to the other side of the house, ensuring sustained efficiency.

To book your on-site hot water system inspection and relocation quote, call 1300 349 338 or email jobs@minchinburyplumbingservices.com.au.

When Professional Help is Required

Continue perusing our insights to keep reading learn about the critical role of licensed specialists for your 'Can I move my water heating apparatus?' queries. There are several risks and regulations to consider which make DIY unadvisable:

  • Handling high water pressure and 240V electricity - Mistakes with how hot water can escalate to dangerous mishaps or severe flooding.
  • Certification for heater gas connections - It’s mandated that only licensed gas fitters can uncouple, reposition, and reconnect gas-powered heaters in compliance with the law.
  • Building codes - Location, drainage, earthquake restraints and more need to comply with council rules.

By law, electrical and gas works involved in relocating a hot water system must be performed by a qualified professional plumber. Our team at Minchinbury Plumbing is certified to professionally manage the relocating water heater to another location with utmost precision.

Surpassing statutory standards, hiring experts diminishes the strain associated with the mission of relocating your water heater and its components. We tackle acquiring permits, coordinating utilities, adapting the plumbing, and ensuring the moved water heater in its location complies with all regulations. Most importantly, you gain peace of mind from our 7 year warranty on labour and materials.

Contact our team on 1300 349 338 for a quote on Relocating your water heater safely and legally while ensuring it continues to operate at peak performance.

Selecting and Preparing the New Location

Pondering 'Do I envision this hot water system relocation within the walls of my abode?', mull over several important factors:

  • Accessibility - Ensure there’s sufficient room to navigate the heater to its desired location and maintain it when needed. Nearby access to power, gas and water connections is also necessary.
  • Proximity - Positioning the water heater should be strategic, aiming for nearness to frequently used spaces such as the laundry room, to minimise thermal dissipation in the conduits.
  • Building codes - Check with your local council regarding regulations for clearance from property boundaries, ventilation requirements and earthquake restraints.

After choosing a suitable spot, it’s wise to ready the zone prior to installing the hot water cylinder. This may involve:

  • Flattening the terrain or crafting a water tank loft with a steadfast concrete platform for the system’s secure and stable placement.
  • Installing protective bollards or barriers if risk of impact damage.
  • Clearing sufficient space around where the unit will sit for safe service access.

Our team of professional plumbers can provide guidance on selecting the optimal position for your new hot water system relocation that meets legal requirements. Contact Minchinbury Plumbing on 1300 349 338 for advice or to book an on-site consultation.

The Step-by-Step Process for Relocation

Shifting a hot water heater from its current placement is intricate, necessitating experienced, licenced professionals. Here are the key steps involved:

  1. Turn off and detach the gas, electric, and move my hot water connections from the current setup in adherence to safety standards. Drain the storage tank completely to prepare for relocation.
  2. Craft a well-defined route for the water system transition within the dwelling, attending to the water heater’s fresh setting and the layout of the gas electric modifications. Ensure doorways and corridors are wide enough for access to move your water heater efficiently and without damage.
  3. Reroute, extend or set up fresh water lines, gas and electrical conduits to service the heater in its new position as necessary.
  4. Transfer the tank into its newly designated spot and verify it rests steadily on a solid and flat foundation.
  5. Reconnect the gas, water and electricity as required. Perform necessary leak checks, pressure tests and certification.
  6. Arrange and initiate the displaced heater, then guarantee the water circulation mechanism operates precisely and safely.

At Minchinbury Plumbing, we take care of the heavy lifting throughout this process while you relax. With all licences, tools and experience for the job, we can efficiently project manage the relocation of your hot water system with minimal disruption to your property.

For a detailed quote on safely moving your hot water unit, call our team on 1300 349 338 or email us at jobs@minchinburyplumbingservices.com.au.

Important Safety Checks and Compliance

Efficiently relocating a hot water system calls for critical safety evaluations and regulatory compliance to help make certain of its proper and secure operation.

Our authorised technicians at Minchinbury Plumbing will execute essential safety checks for your water heater, whether new or existing, including Rheem models in some cases:

  • Verifying no gas leaks are present in the piping and ensuring the pressure relief valve is functioning correctly.
  • Inspecting electrical rewiring and connections to certify they are fully sealed and waterproof.
  • Assessing water pressure and fitting pressure relief safeguards to confirm the unit functions securely, thereby protecting your family from scalding hazards.
  • Reviewing drainage systems and ensuring the relief valve functions properly for optimal wastewater flow.

We also finalise any other mandatory compliance documents and certificates such as:

  • Lodging council installation and relocation forms.
  • Issuing updated building compliance and occupancy documents.
  • Providing an electrical safety certificate for any electrical works.
  • Supplying a Certificate of Compliance for gas fitting work.

Relocating your hot water unit is complex and risky. By engaging our licenced gas fitters and plumbers at Minchinbury Plumbing, we professionally manage your hot water system relocation and handle all safety checks and compliance for your peace of mind.

To learn about your relocation options and receive a detailed quote, call us on 1300 349 338.

Maintaining Efficiency in the New Setup

During the process of moving water heaters, consider it prime time get acquainted with techniques to sustain or improve efficiency at the new spot.

With access to pipes and the system during the move, it presents an ideal opportunity to:

  • Maintain my hot water tank efficiently with routine maintenance, ensuring optimal performance and longevity in your home. We recommend doing this annually anyway.
  • Wrap up hot water pipes traversing non-thermal spaces to conserve and optimise water usage by limiting thermal deficits.
  • Attach a tempering valve to regulate outflow temperature, hence preventing scalds and lessening corrosion in the heat water mechanism.
  • Adopting a tankless water heater can be a prudent choice for individuals seeking a unit with heightened energy efficiency, notably if your present mechanism is aging. These more energy-efficient models can lower usage and save substantially over time.

Our team of plumbers can provide advice tailored to your situation on maximising the efficiency of your hot water system in its new home. We can also seamlessly project manage any upgrades required during the relocation process.

For a quote on moving your hot water unit with an efficient header tank, call Minchinbury Plumbing on 1300 349 338.

What Could Go Wrong and How to Avoid Issues

Relocating a water heater can come with several potential issues if not done properly by qualified technicians:

  • Leaks – These insidious problems can inflict damage and result in considerable moisture harm, ranking as one most frequent conundrums arising from imperfectly secured pipe fittings.
  • Electrical faults - Incorrect wiring by unlicensed electricians poses a fire hazard or risk of electrocution.
  • Voided warranties - DIY attempts often violate manufacturer terms and void any existing coverage.

We recommend contacting the experts at Minchinbury Plumbing to can avoid potential problems and ensure your safety. Our licenced, insured and experienced tradespeople will:

  • Handle all complex electrical, gas and plumbing tasks involved.
  • Guarantee compliance with relevant building codes and hot water regulations.
  • Provide a 7-year warranty on parts and labour for peace of mind.
  • Ensure optimal and efficient operation of your system after relocating.

Don’t risk issues down the track - call Minchinbury Plumbing on 1300 349 338 to discuss relocating your hot water system today.

Estimated Costs for Moving a Hot Water System

The cost your hot water relocation may vary widely depending on your system’s model, the distance of the transfer, move intricacies, and necessary system alterations.

As a rough guide, you can expect to pay:

  • $500 - $1500 for the transition of a water heater gas model, encompassing just a brief repositioning and slight alterations to the pipework.
  • $1500 - $3000 for the transition of an electric water heater, be it a storage or instantaneous model, requiring significant piping alterations.
  • $3000+ for relocating heat pumps or solar water heaters to a location necessitating intricate electrical work.

To receive an accurate quote tailored to your specific situation, our team of licenced plumbers at Minchinbury Plumbing will need to complete an on-site evaluation of the existing setup and proposed new location.

We take detailed measurements and assess factors like the suitability for Rheem hot water installations:

  • Age, size and type of your current hot water system
  • Required rewiring or gas line extensions
  • Accessibility of the new location
  • Compliance with relevant building codes

With a decade of expertise especially with brands like Rheem, we offer a clear-cut fixed price quote for your hot water unit’s shift, free of clandestine charges. We also handle all permits and paperwork.

For a detailed and competitive quote backed by our 7 year warranty, call Minchinbury Plumbing on 1300 349 338.

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