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Tankless Hot Water Systems Good Large Families?
Are Tankless Hot Water Systems Good for Large Families?

Tankless or on-demand hot water systems provide continuous hot water by heating it as needed, meaning large families may never run out. But higher upfront costs may deter some buyers. Assess if potential energy bill savings outweigh budget constraints.

Testing Pipe Integrity Relining
Testing Pipe Integrity After Relining

Professional plumbing services use specialized equipment like CCTV cameras or hydrostatic testing to verify the integrity of relined pipes. This inspection checks for leaks, cracks and stability issues after pipe relining repairs are completed. Contact our team for reliable trenchless pipe repair services.

’ Involved Gas Meter Upgrade?
What’s Involved in a Gas Meter Upgrade?

Upgrading your gas meter involves having a technician visit to replace your old meter with a new, modern one. The process takes about 40 minutes. Contact Minchinbury Plumbing to learn more about gas meter upgrades.

Natural Gas Propane: Key Differences
Natural Gas vs Propane: Key Differences

Propane is more energy efficient than natural gas, producing over twice as much heat energy per unit. While natural gas is piped to your home, propane is stored onsite as a liquid. Learn the main differences to choose the best home energy solution and contact us to get started.

Hot Water System Considerations Multi-Story Buildings
Hot Water System Considerations for Multi-Story Buildings

Choosing the right hot water system for a multi-story building requires considering factors like water pressure, pipe materials, energy efficiency and more. Get in touch with our experts to discuss the ideal system for your needs.

Gas Fitting Legal Requirements Australia
Gas Fitting Legal Requirements in Australia

Gas fitting in Australia requires certification and compliance with Australian standards. Gas fitters must be licensed before installing or servicing LPG systems. Learn about the legal requirements for gas fitting work to ensure safety and compliance.

turn gas supply
How to turn off your gas supply

If you smell gas or suspect a leak, open all doors and windows, don’t use any electrical switches, put out naked flames and turn off the gas supply at your external meter by rotating the lever to a horizontal off position before calling a qualified plumber.

Relining Pipes Complex Bends & Angles
Relining Pipes With Complex Bends & Angles

Pipe relining uses flexible materials so it can repair and reline pipes with complex bends and angles up to 90 degrees or more with a single liner. Our pipe relining services cover all types of pipes and angles. Call Minchinbury Plumbing today for guaranteed pipe relining you can rely on.

Move Hot Water System
Move Hot Water System

Relocating a hot water system requires expertise to move heaters safely. Our qualified technicians can move your water heater at an affordable price.

hot water system failing?
How do I know if my hot water system is failing?

Common signs your hot water system is failing include leaks, strange noises, changes in water temperature, pressure or colour. If your system is over 10 years get it inspected by a licensed plumber to avoid more costly damages.

Drains Clear: Put Drain
Keep Drains Clear: Don’t Put These Down Any Drain

Pouring the wrong substances down a drain can clog pipes and cause nasty blockages. Avoid flushing fibrous foods, grease, chemicals, oils and medications.

Choosing Plumbing Materials
Choosing the Right Plumbing Materials

When renovating or building your home, research and compare plumbing pipe types – like copper, PVC, PEX – by application. Choosing suitable materials for supply lines, drains ensures quality plumbing.

Pipe Relining Seasons
Pipe Relining For All Seasons

Pipe relining is an all-season solution to repair and prevent pipe damage from roots, floods, soil movement and temperature changes. Our pipe relining process creates a smooth, corrosion-resistant pipe lining that can last over 50 years. Contact us to learn more about this trenchless pipe repair method.

Choose Gas Hot Water System
How To Choose A Gas Hot Water System

Selecting the right gas hot water system for your home can be confusing but is important to save on energy bills. Consider efficiency ratings, upfront costs, flow rates and types like instantaneous units. Contact Minchinbury Plumbing to help choose.

Move Gas Meter Safely
How To Move A Gas Meter Safely

It’s illegal and dangerous to move a gas meter yourself. Have your meter relocated by a licensed gas plumber who’ll project manage the utility company and trades.

Solutions Blocked Drains Apartments
Solutions For Blocked Drains in Apartments

Blocked drains in apartment buildings can cause property damage and health issues if left untreated. Professional plumbers have solutions including CCTV inspections, hydro jetting, drain clearing, and sewage system repairs to safely unblock drains and prevent backups.

Prevent Gas Leaks Home
How to Prevent Gas Leaks at Home

Gas leaks can lead to explosions, health issues or even death. You can prevent leaks by maintaining appliances, installing detectors, addressing leaks ASAP, keeping vents clear and more. If you suspect a leak, open windows, turn off appliances and call for professional help immediately.

Essential Tools & Equipment Gas Fitting
Essential Tools & Equipment Used in Gas Fitting

Qualified gas fitters require specialized tools and equipment for installation, repairs and compliance checks. This includes pipe wrenches to assemble fittings, pressure gauges to test lines, gas detectors to check for leaks, and various cutting, crimping and flaring tools.

6 Simple Ways Unblock Drain
6 Simple Ways To Unblock An Outside Drain

An outside drain can become blocked with leaves, mud or fat buildup. Try using a drain snake, boiling water, caustic soda or baking soda and vinegar. Pour these down the drain and let them work to dissolve the blockage before flushing clear with a hose.

Lifespans Plumbing Pipes
Lifespans of Different Plumbing Pipes

The lifespan of household plumbing pipes varies by material. Copper pipes last 50-80 years. PVC pipes last up to 50 years. Cast iron pipes last 75-100 years. Contact us to replace aging or leaking pipes.

Construction debris blocking drains?
Construction debris blocking your drains?

Outdoor construction debris containing concrete, tile grout, wood, metal and plastic pieces can make its way into drains. Over time this builds up causing major clogs and blockages. Call our Minchinbury plumbing experts to safely clear any debris that is blocking your drains and prevent further damage.

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