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Introduction: Understanding When and Why You Might Need to Move Your Gas Meter

Several circumstances may necessitate the relocation of your gas meter at your Minchinbury home. Relocation is often essential when major extensions or renovations affect the existing installation.

For instance, Should your renovations include building a new driveway, adjusting your gas installation to suit these changes may be required.

Relocation may be needed if the current meter position obstructs the installation of new connections or poses safety risks. In case of regulatory non-compliance, a certified gas fitter from Minchinbury Plumbing can advise on the correct placement.

Additionally, Australian standards regulate the placement of your natural gas meter point in relation to ignition sources, exits, and more.

Upgrades and safety considerations are typical drivers for reconfiguration, which may also be prompted by a desire for aesthetic integration into your outdoor space or optimized placement in a new home. Regardless of the reason, due to the risks associated with flammable materials, qualified professionals must undertake all gas meter relocations.

Legal and Safety Requirements for Gas Meter Relocation

It’s important to consider the strict legal and safety regulations when contemplating the process of relocating your gas meter. As gas systems handle volatile substances, ensuring they can do their jobs in total compliance with Australian Standard AS/NZS 5601 and your state’s applicable gas fitting codes is paramount.

First and foremost, you’ll need to obtain permission from your gas supplier before initiating any meter relocation process. Get in touch with Minchinbury Plumbing to contact your energy supplier early in the process. Regardless of the reason for the move, safely turning off your gas service before starting and ensuring a reliable reconnection afterwards is essential.

While exact requirements vary, common prerequisites include:

  • Submit a formal request detailing the proposed new location to initiate the service selection process
  • Paying any relevant service alteration fees
  • Engage a licensed gas engineer from Minchinbury Plumbing to undertake the necessary work
  • Arranging a safety inspection before reconnection
  • Updating paperwork to reflect the new gas metre location

Adhering to these rules ensures your plumbing system’s ongoing secure functionality. Our experts deftly manage the process, taking care of both the intricate gas pipes network and necessary permissions.

Step-by-Step Process for Moving a Gas Meter

Moving gas meters entails meticulous coordination by licenced technicians to ensure your energy supplier approves safety at every step. Here is a clear outline of how Minchinbury Plumbing handles the repositioning of your smart meter:

  1. Initial Consultation – Contact us to determine the practicality and necessity of relocating your meter. We’ll advise on regulations, feasibility, cost moving implications, and timeframes.
  2. Application and Notifications – Our proficient team can pinpoint the suitable avenues, tender your documentation to your gas network operator, and secure required permissions.
  3. Disconnection – On the appointed day, our qualified gas technicians will turn off your gas and securely cap the meter before safely removing the piping.
  4. Preparation of the New Location – The new meter box site will be set up in compliance with regulations, prioritizing accessibility and proper shielding.
  5. Physical Relocation – Your old metre unit is shifted to the new gas meter box site and reconnected to pipes.
  6. Leak Checks and Reconnection – Comprehensive safety inspections are conducted prior to restoring the gas supply.
  7. Inspections and Documentation – We handle all final approvals and paperwork concerning your supply to complete the relocation.

With regulated fuel systems, there is no shortcutting safety protocols. Trust our decades of gas line expertise to smoothly coordinate your Minchinbury gas metre relocation from start to finish.

Preparing and Submitting Required Paperwork

Moving a gas metre requires properly filing necessary paperwork for approval. As connoisseurs orchestrating metre transfers, Minchinbury Plumbing certifies your supplier can expedite this procedure, effectively showing you how to go about it.

We’ll process your application to your gas distributor, where you can find out details about the proposed new site and reason for moving. Any relevant service fees will also be paid at this step. Leveraging years of expertise, can give you insight, assisting you to become acquainted with each network operator’s particular forms and protocols, guaranteeing swift processing of your documentation.

Approval periods can stretch, and the location can affect the timelines, with more than 30 business days being a mere starting point, modulating based on your supplier. Once authorised, we ensure the process moving forward includes the gas being turned off securely as planned by our certified gas fitters. Following the work done for the physical transition, an inspection can inform us whether all is in compliance ahead of reopening gas valves.

We’ll forward updated records to your gas retailer reflecting the new metre location. For enduring safety, you need contact your gas meter gas service provider to ensure emergency services access current records.

Trust Minchinbury Plumbing to steer worrying about paperwork or red tape - we’ll take care of everything needed to get your gas metre moved smoothly and by the book.

Coordinating Schedules with Utilities and Professionals

Moving a gas metre requires coordination between multiple parties - your homeowner, the gas utility provider, and licenced technicians like our team at Minchinbury Plumbing. With years of expertise, including with multinet gas systems, we manage all scheduling logistics for you.

After initial consultations on your electricity gas needs, we submit the required paperwork to your network operator and confirm timeframes. Safety regulations mandate precisely scheduling the disconnection and reconnection of gas appliances to avoid any service disruptions. We’ll harmonise these pivotal appointments with our team’s availability to execute the physical relocation work, while thoughtfully considering the setup of your gas appliances.

Where feasible, we also coordinate with any other utilities such as hot water or electricity that could be impacted short-term during the gas outage. For example, we may schedule a same-day electrician visit to take up any issues and ensure your appliances function normally.

Stringent regulations on fuel systems mean meticulous project management is vital to make sure your gas meter relocation proceeds without a hitch. Lean on Minchinbury Plumbing’s expertise so you don’t have to worry about synchronising professionals needed to safely get the job done on time.

The Physical Process of Disconnecting, Moving, and Reconnecting

When our professional Minchinbury Plumbing gas fitters arrive to move your metre, we methodically disconnect your gas supply to ensure safety throughout the relocation. First, the service pipe is depressurised before capping the metre inlet and outlet valves. Subsequently, we leave the surroundings of your property tidy and undisturbed as the metre is meticulously detached, along with its adjoining pipes, from the exterior setup.

The gas metre unit is carefully relocated to the new approved site, ready to install your equipment, moved clear of the construction zone. At the new location, your metre is securely re-mounted and reconnected to pipes pre-installed to comply with standards. All new gas line connections are thoroughly leak tested.

With the metre secured at its new position, your plumber from our team collaborates with the network operator to reinstate the gas current. Trust our Minchinbury Plumbing specialists to safely manage the end-to-end physical process of disconnecting, moving, and reinstalling your gas metre.

Rigorous safety checks are conducted to ensure your electricity meter needs are met, maintaining full compliance with no leaks before reigniting the supply. Finally, the new metre location is documented, completing formal approval.

Inspections, Testing, and Finalizing the New Meter Location

After your gas meter moved by Minchinbury Plumbing’s licenced technicians, there are a few final steps to complete the process:


A site evaluation by contact your local gas electric meter experts and the pros monitoring your gas flow is crucial to execute a thorough safety inspection at the new meter site prior to the reconnection of gas. Our seasoned professionals will be at the ready to tell your meter inspector explicitly what actions were taken during the assessment and enact any needed modifications.

Leak Checks

Comprehensive leak assessments are conducted at the new meter location with advanced equipment, so if you ever smell gas, immediate action can be taken. Our team ensures there are no detectable gas leaks and that all pipe connections meet strict industry pressure standards.


With the new metre location fully approved, the network operator reopens gas valves to safely restore supply. Minchinbury Plumbing remains onsite to monitor pressure gauges and check that all appliances are functioning properly.


Your retailer account and network operator records are updated to reflect the new metre location for safety and billing accuracy. We turn your paperworks into seamless documentation, forwarding all necessary details on your behalf.

Trust Minchinbury Plumbing to oversee inspections, testing, and final approvals to wrap-up your stress-free gas metre relocation.

Estimated Costs and Factors That Impact Pricing

Relocating a gas meter generally costs between AUD 1,100 and AUD 2,000 in total. Several factors can affect the total cost, including:

  • How far and how accessible the new site is
  • Time and labour - typically 2 plumbers needed for 8+ hours
  • Materials should also include new pipes and fittings
  • Coordination fees with utility companies

To understand the costs involved in adapting your natural gas settings, Minchinbury Plumbing provides a detailed quote outlining expected expenditures for your metre relocation job. We’ll clearly explain all charges, ensuring you’ll get a comprehensive and transparent quote, and where feasible, recommend cost-saving opportunities like bundling tasks during open trench work. Trust our transparent estimates tailored to your specific needs.

While ensuring a gas metre can move your meter requires care, safety certifications, and coordination, our decades of expertise streamline this process to keep your relocation affordable. Contact Minchinbury Plumbing to learn more about fair pricing for smoothly repositioning your metre.

Who to Contact If You Need to Relocate Your Gas Meter

If you determine moving your gas metre is necessary due to home renovations, safety issues, or other reasons, Minchinbury Plumbing has the expertise to smoothly handle the entire relocation process.

As licenced gas specialists, we coordinate all authorisations for your meter through your distributor and utility providers. Our experienced technicians will safely manage the physical disconnection, relocation, and reinstallation while adhering to industry standards.

To get started on relocating your Minchinbury home’s gas metre, please contact us directly:

Phone: 1300 349 338 Email:jobs@minchinburyplumbingservices.com.auOnline:minchinburyplumbing.com.au/contact-us

In your initial enquiry, share details on your proposed new gas metre site along with photos, if possible. We can then advise on likely costs, timeframes, and handle all necessary approvals you need know to get your relocation scheduled quickly and affordably.

Drawing upon 30+ years of proficient gas fitting practice, reliance on Minchinbury Plumbing Services ensures they can do the entire oversight of your meter relocation safely and without stress.

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